The restaurant

From passion for things traditional, authentic and well done, comes the Antica Trattoria Cirio: a restaurant in which to rediscover the flavors of a time, when the dishes were prepared with care and patience, and each course was enjoyed with calm and in good company! Here you can relive gastronomic experiences of the past.

You feel like you get in a restaurant in the early decades of the 1900 on Corso Moncalieri, close to Piazza Zara and Po river, the two dining rooms have been carefully furnished with original furniture, materials, colors and décor. The music takes the tunes of the first half of the last century and the atmosphere is really addictive!

Chef Stefano Cirio, who has a long experience in high-class restaurants (among others, the restaurant Al Cambio di Torino), prepares each dish according to the traditional recipes of Piedmont and the vast Italian gastronomic scene, using quality ingredients. He has a team of highly trained and efficient kitchen. In the dining room, the staff is attentive to welcome in the best way your requests with courtesy and professionalism.

Open daily for dinner, except Tuesday, and Saturday and Sunday for lunch, Antica Trattoria Cirio will make you rediscover the simplicity and beauty of tradition in a friendly, pleasant and quiet.